Hi Fellow Mothers, Wannabe Mothers and Parents of Beautiful Babies,

I am Anita and I am just another stay-at-home mom who knows what its like to get pregnant, undergo various treatments to conceive the child, raise your child in a healthy environment.

I have been there and done that !

Recently I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, named as Vinita and I must say it was one of the most cherished moments of my life. Like all of other moms, I am also facing certain challenges while raising and parenting my baby girl.

There are various things that are needed to take care while getting pregnant and even during pregnancy period of nine months, you have to be utmost careful about your diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle.

Not just during the pregnancy, but after pregnancy several moms face various health issues and also need to take care of their babies at the same time. Thus there are lots of challenges that we mothers face before, during and after pregnancy.

I certainly understand all the hardships and efforts that are required to get pregnant and then raise a child. That is why I have created this blog to share my personal experiences and thus try to help women across the globe about how to get pregnant faster, what care must be taken during pregnancy for healthy delivery and what types of precautions and care must be taken once you give birth to your baby.

I hope I can help you by sharing my knowledge and personal experience. You can also get in touch with me by contacting me via Contact Us option on my website.

Good Luck & Best Wishes from Anita Mahadik

About the Author Anita Mahadik

Hi I am Anita Mahadik and I am a proud mother of my 7 months beautiful daughter named as Vinita.I know the pain and suffering of women who had to undergo lots of treatments to get pregnant. This blog is dedicated to the women all over the world who want to conceive, get pregnant naturally. I will also do my best to provide all the possible tips and information regarding before, during and after pregnancy care and how to raise your newborn baby ideally.

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