Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Depression During and After Pregnancy

Primary Symptoms of Postnatal or Postpartum Depression:

There are several symptoms that you may or may not experience during and after pregnancy when it comes to depression. Some experience drastic weight gain, some go through extreme mood swings while some may experience morning sickness. Some women may also suffer from lack of sufficient sleep and feel very tired throughout the day. Drastic diet changes can be also attributed due to postnatal depression. Some of the primary symptoms of maternity or perinatal depression are mentioned as follows:

1) Lack of sufficient sleep (or sleeping for long hours)
2) Feeling of tiredness throughout the day
3) Lack of proper decision making
4) Extreme mood swings
5) Crying and losing your self control for small-small things in your life
6) Becoming irritated and cranky most of the times
7) Lack of concentration and reduction in your memorizing capability
8) Low level of interest in caring for yourself and your body
9) Lack of interest in performing your daily routine tasks
10) Over-consumption of junk food or very low consumption of daily food
11) Less or no feelings of pleasure and enjoyment during sex with your partner
12) Low level of feelings for caring of your baby

There is another form of pregnancy depression known as Postpartum Psychosis which is a very rare but very serious version of perinatal depression. Some women may become victim of this rare type of maternal depression. The symptoms of this serious type of depression may include:

1) Lack of sleep (even when completely tired & exhausted)
2) Complete lack of interest in eating
3) Completely negative feelings towards one’s life
4) Lots of confusion and complete lack of focus
5) Lack of trust in people (including their spouses)
6) Seeing or hearing imaginable things around them ( which are not at all real)
7) Extremely violent and short tempered nature that can lead to thinking of hurting themselves as well as their newborns

If you know any person experiencing such a phase of Postpartum Psychosis, then it is extremely important to contact nearby medical facility as soon as possible.

Simple Pregnancy Depression Quiz:

Take this easy to follow Pregnancy Depression Quiz to find out whether you are currently going through the same kind of depression as mentioned above.

Check the following whichever suits your current state of mind:

1. I often tend to become very anxious or too much worried about the small things in my life.
2. I often cry alone whenever I feel very sad or unhappy about my life.
3. I can not control my emotions and often become very emotional about myself, my family and my baby.
4. I do not remember when was the last time when I laughed to my fullest.
5. I do not enjoy little things in my life anymore.
6. I often try to blame myself for the things that went wrong in my life.
7. I usually become afraid and get scared and panicky whenever I try something new in my life.
8. Nothing is happening good in my life and whatever happens, I do not get satisfied by the results.
9. Sometimes, I feel like hurting myself, my spouse, my family and even my baby too!

Now check out your answers honestly. If you have checked more than 2-3 facts, then you are certainly in need of expert medical practitioner who can guide you in the right direction.

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