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Publishing Guidelines

Here is the opportunity for online publishers, writers and website owners working in the field of pregnancy, mothering and parenting niche.

1) Only Original and Quality Content is Accepted: You can submit your 100% unique and quality articles at MotherBabyTips.com. Get in touch via Contact Us and submit your content for approval. Once we overview your content and if we decide to post it on the website, we will let you know. We will have the full copyrights over your submitted content if it gets approval from our side.

2) Quality Standards and Norms for Publishing: The content you want to publish at MotherBabyTips.com must be relevant to our niche i.e. pregnancy, mothering and parenting. The content must be easy to read, thought-provoking, substantial and must provide simple instructions, benefits for the readers.  The articles you submit must be at least 500-1000 words in length. We have the rights to decline your content if we feel that you are not following our publishing policies correctly.

3) English Language and Correct Grammar are Essential: This instruction is self explanatory. You must be proficient in English language and must have correct grammar and punctuations in your content. We can edit your content wherever we feel necessary but you should proofread your article before submission for faster approvals.

4) Keywords Should be Provided Along with The Content: Provide 3-4 keywords along with your content so that those can be inserted into your article tags and keywords section for maximum online visibility.

5) Self Promoting and Articles with Sponsored Links Will be Declined: Too much self promotion in your content and your content is destined to get declined! We do not accept the content that has 3rd party sponsored links or affiliate links that promote certain products and offers. Maximum two links to your own website are allowed in your content. (One inside the content and one in your author byline.)

6) Types of Prohibited Articles: The content that includes or promotes the topics such as gambling, porn, plagiarism, slander or copyright violations, will be declined instantly.

7) Copyright Policy: The content that gets approved and posted on MotherBabyTips.com, is copyright to this website only. We assume your whole permission for all the contents that you submit and get approved at our website. We will reply you back once your article is approved by our team. Any type of content that is with or without copyright which gets posted at our site, is automatically becomes copyright of MotherBabyTips.com.